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Economy Shipping
on all orders over $35

Colored vinyl - Despite what our site may say, colored vinyl is often limited to the initial pressing only. You very likely may receive black vinyl, especially if a title is more than a few months old. Why? Record companies rarely tell us when they revert to black vinyl.
Vinyl isn't perfect - Pristine covers are rare. So is perfectly flat vinyl. We will send you the best looking copy we have and deal with any issues you have. Please email if you receive a record that is unsatisfactory.
Vinyl pre-orders - Our ability to fill pre-orders depends on record labels' ability to produce enough records to fill pre-orders. We do our best to fill all orders, but unfortunately, shortages and delays are common, especially with limited edition records.

           Orders for vinyl should not be considered "confirmed" until the record is safely spinning on your turntable.
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