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Online orders are shipping daily.
Four Bull Moose locations are open from noon until 6pm.
All locations have curbside pickup.
Thank you for your patience and support.


Economy Shipping
on all orders over $30!

These small runs of vinyl colors are only available at Bull Moose. Many of them will be blue.


1. Weakened Friends-Common Blah (Pink vinyl edittion of 250)


2. Purple Image-Purple Image (Clear vinyl edition of 98) **SOLD OUT**
3. Bernie Worrell-Pieces of Woo: The Other Side (Red vinyl edition of 100) **LOW STOCK**
4. Pharoah Sanders / John Hicks / Curtis Lundy / Idris Muhammad-Africa ("Bull Moose blue" edition of 150) **LOW STOCK**
5. X-Under The Big Black Sun ("Bull Moose blue" edition of 300)
6.Tony Newton - Mysticism & Romance ("Bull Moose blue" edition of 100) **GETTING LOW**
7. We just might skip #7
8. Rustic Overtones - Rooms By The Hour (All proceeds will go to the family of Dave Noyes. Black vinyl edition of 500)
9. Hillbillies In Hell Volume 9 (Red/Black splatter edition of 200) **LOW STOCK**
10. Reserved for future use.
11. Chris Webby - Wednesday (Blue vinyl edition of 200.)
12. Chris Webby - Next Wednesday (Red vinyl edition of 200.)
13. Funkadelic - Finest (Blue vinyl edition of 150)
14. The Real Shoobeedoo - Reminiscing (Blue vinyl edition of 100)
15. Mack Porter - Peace On You (Blue vinyl edition of 100)
16. Michael Orr - Spread Love (Blue vinyl edition of 100)
17. Andrew W. K. - I Get Wet (red/clear splatter vinyl co-exclusive with Zia Records. Edition of 500) **LOW STOCK**
18. Pharoah Sanders - Moon Child (blue vinyl, edition of 200)
19. Bill Chinnock - Badlands (Original pre-Atlantic Records mix) CD
20. Sessa - Grandeza (pink vinyl co-exclusive with Zia Records. Edition of 100) **LOW STOCK**
21. Spose - The Audacity! (transparent green vinyl edition of 500)
22. Halloween (2018) Soundtrack Expanded Edition ("Pool of Blood" vinyl edition of 400)  **LOW STOCK**
23. Elvira's Haunted Hills soundtrack (orange & black swirl, ltd to 200, co-exclusive with Zia Records.) **SOLD OUT**  
24. Coming in 2020.
25. Scrooged soundtrack (Red & white swirl, ltd to 300, co-exclusive with Zia Records.)
26. Rockapella - Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego? (Red & white vinyl, ltd. to 260, co-exclusive with Zia Records)
27. Toejam & Earl - Back In The Groove 2LP (Pink & red swirl, ltd to 250, co-exclusive with Zia Records)


24. Shitkid - Duo Limbo/Mellan himmel å helvete (red & blue Cornetto vinyl, ltd to 200.)
28. Marcos Valle & Azymuth - Brazil By Music/Fly Cruziero (blue vinyl, ltd to 100)
29. Airborne Toxic Event/Mikel Jollett LP+book bundle. (White Wedding and Silver Lady Haze vinyl, ltd to 500) Vinyl is exclusive to the bundle.


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