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Economy Shipping
on all orders over $35


Our doors may be closed, but we are shipping online orders from every Bull Moose every day. We would love to ship you anything you need, including anything you originally wanted to pick up at the store. It is easy to convert your in-store order or hold to an online order.

If you already have a account:
1. Log on to your account.
2. Go to My Account/Special Orders
3. Click on the cover of whatever you need. Buy it.
4. Return to My Account/Special Orders and click Cancel Order.
5. Wait a day or two.
6. Enjoy

If you don't have a account:
1. Go to
2. Search for the item that we are holding for you. Using uncommon keywords will help you find the item more easily.
3. If your item is available to order, order it. Shipping is free on orders over $30.
4. Next, please email and let us know that you placed an online order and what the item(s) were. We will take your item(s) off hold and send them to you.
5. If the item(s) you want to order does not show as available, the only copy we have might be on hold for you. Please email and we will help you order it.

Don’t worry if you can’t buy your held items right now. We will hold them until 2 weeks after we reopen to the public. We do not currently have a date for this but will keep you updated as new develops.

We very much appreciate your continued business and all the love people are sending our way. We are continuing to be paid our normal wages even though sales are way down. If you need anything we sell, we would love to send it to you.

Peace & Love,
Your friends from Bull Moose