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The hours of your local Bull Moose may have changed temporarily. Please visit our Locations & Hours page for more information


Economy Shipping
on all orders over $35

Thanks for considering selling your work through Bull Moose. We have been selling recordings and videos by local artists since 1989. We intend to treat you as fairly as possible and we hope you will be fair to us.

You must have the legal right to distribute what you sell to us. You must be based in New England or the Canadian Maritimes.  If you are from somewhere else, please have your distributor reach us through normal distribution channels.

Pricing.  What we will charge depends on how much you charge us. Please don't charge us more than you charge anybody else.

You charge

We charge

Between 0.01 and 3.99

cost + $0.97

Between 4 and 4.99


Between 5 and 5.99


Between 6 and 6.75


Between 6.76 and 7.75


Between 7.76 and 9


Between 9.01 and 9.75


Between 9.76 and 11.5


11.51 or more

cost times 1.5

Payments: We pay for what we sell.  Every other week our computer checks to see who needs to be paid.  If we owe you more than $50 we will automatically send a check to the address we have on file.

Length of the agreement:
We will try your stuff for six months.  After six months we probably will e-mail you to take some or all of it back.  We will give you a couple of weeks to pick up your discs at our Scarborough store or we will ship them to you for a fee.  ***If you don't respond to your e-mail, we will assume that you don't want your discs and we will get rid of them.*** Either party can terminate this agreement for any reason. It might take us a few days to stop selling your items if you terminate the agreement.

We prefer to communicate through e-mail.  You should add and to your safe senders list.  If you ever have any questions, please email Please note that we check that email box once a week.

If your item sells well, we will automatically display it in our Top Sellers section. It will stay there for as long as it is one of our top sellers.

Information we need:
If this sounds good to you, please email the following information to
- Email Address
- Artist/Author or 2-3 actors/actresses
- Title
- Barcode (optional.) Please incude any digits at the beginning or end of the barcode.
- Release Date
- Configuration (CD, hardcover, DVD, etc.)
- Genre in one or two words
- Cost to Bull Moose
- Mailing address
- Payee (What name goes on the check?)

Have you ever consigned with us before? If yes, what titles did you consign?

What else do you want on your product page on (Tracklist, blurb, SoundCloud embed code, etc.)

Please email the cover art to .jpg, .png, or tiff files less than 1MB please.

Now what?
We will get back to you within 5-8 business days and let you know that we are ready for you to drop off your items. Please wait to drop them off until we tell you we are ready. If you have questions, please note that we check the email address once a week.

Which Bull Mooses should I stock?

Please send 2-3 copies of your item to Bull Mooses in towns where you are actively promoting yourself locally. We restock from the Scarborough Bull Moose, so feel free to send them a few extra. We might need more if your previous releases have sold well for us, Please e-mail to make arrangements.

Where can I get CDs or LPs pressed?

Crooked Cove is an excellent local choice, whether this is your first or 20th project.