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Economy Shipping
on all orders over $45

Thanks for considering selling your work through Bull Moose! We have been helping local artists sell their recordings, videos, & books since 1989, and we love to see folks in the scene succeed! If you’d like to see your work on the shelves at Bull Moose here is a quick rundown of what you need to know:

Am I eligible to consign at Bull Moose? If you have the legal right to sell and distribute your work, you are eligible to consign at Bull Moose! We’d also prefer if you were based in New England- but we’re open to working with anyone with strong connections or roots to Maine & New Hampshire.

How does it work? Long story short, you send us your stuff and we sell it! Long story long, you reach out to us with what you’d like to consign, and we’ll work with you to get the information we need to get your stuff ready to sell, work out how many we’ll need for what stores, and how much you’ll charge us for the items. If that all sounds like a lot work – don’t worry! We’ll help you through the whole process.

Can’t I just drop something off at my local store? Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that, and we need to get things set up in our computer first to make sure everything runs smoothly. But when the time comes we’ll take care of making sure your stuff gets to where it needs to go!

Can Bull Moose ship my items through You bet we can! We handle and ship hundreds of orders a day and can help you fulfil your online orders too! Each of your items will have their own dedicated product page on our website that your friends and fans can order from!

Okay, but how do I get paid? Our system tracks the sales your items, and every other week will generate a payment for any consignees that meet the minimum payment threshold. If you don’t meet that threshold, don’t worry! Your sales still count and will be pushed into the next payment period.

Can you point me in the direction of someone who can make my CDs or LPs? Whether it is your first or your 20th project, Crooked Cove is an excellent local choice. If you’ve owned an album by a local artist from the past 20 years, you’re probably already familiar with their excellent work.

This sounds great, how can I learn more? We’re glad you’re interested in sharing your work with us! Email and let’s get started! We typically reply to new inquiries in 3-5 business days!