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Economy Shipping
on all orders over $45

Frequently Asked and Answered Questions

Website questions

1. How do you ship items and how much does it cost?
Standard shipping (First Class and Media Mail) is $3.99 for the first item and $1.48 for each additional item. Priority shipping is $6.99 plus $1.48 for each additional item. We offer free shipping on all orders over $45. We try to get new releases to your door on release date if we have our stock in time to ship and if the order was placed early enough.
2. Do you ship to North Korea, Freedonia, Panem, Narnia, or Canada?
We currently ship within the US only, though we appreciate your interest in our company and hope we can one day expand to cover your Country.
3. There was a problem with my order.
We're sorry to hear that! Please e-mail us at or use our customer service form. You can also leave a message at 1-877-464-5513 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do our best to respond within 24 hours of receiving an inquiry, and appreciate your patience during that time.
4. Is in-store pickup available?
Yes! If you see something on our website that is in stock at one of our locations you can call your preferred store and request that they put a special order in for you. Once it arrives you will be notified via phone, email, or text depending on your settings. The item will be kept aside for up to two weeks, and you do not need to pay for the item until you are ready to pick it up.

If you'd prefer to reach out online instead, please email us at or use our customer service form to let us know which item you'd like to special order, to which location, and what your account information is. Items typically take between 1-4 days to transfer between stores. If you change your mind and no longer need the item, please let us know and we'll remove the hold for you.
5. What is your return policy?
We do our best to ship orders out with proper protection and lots of care so that they arrive as safely as possible. If we could hand deliver orders on a silver platter we would, but unfortunately, that is not possible. While we hope every package you receive is satisfactory, we recognize that damages and lost packages are a very real possibility while shipping fragile media across the country. We also understand that sometimes, you just change your mind about a purchase once it's on its way.

If you received a damaged, defective, or incorrect item from us, we're really sorry to hear that! Please contact us to set up a return and we will provide a return label for the item. From there we can work with you on a solution, whether that be a refund or replacement. If you can live with the flawed item but would like a partial refund we can also explore that option with you.

If you changed your mind about your item (it happens to all of us) just let us know and we can provide you with return instructions. As long as the item is unopened or in the same condition we shipped it in and it's been less than 45 days since it was shipped, we'll issue a refund upon its return.
6. Can I use my Frequent Buyer Points on
Of course! Please fill out this link request with as much information as you can about your online account as well as your in store account we will get those merged together. Once they're merged you will be able to access all of your points and credit together whether you're shopping on our website or at one of our locations.

Please Note: This is not necessary if you do not shop in our physical locations.
7. I have a gift certificate/card from one of your stores. Can I use it online?
You sure can! At checkout, below the are where the credit card number is shown you will see a selection that says "Add New Gift Card". Tap this and enter the gift card barcode number (under the barcode) and 5  character security code (bottom right on the card) and the amount on the gift card will be added to your online account and usable during checkout. If there is a remainder, it will remain on your account for future orders.  The gift card will then be empty.
8. I have a gift certificate/card from one of your stores but don't know what the remaining balance is. How can I find out how many gold doubloons I have left?
If you have a receipt from the last purchase made with the gift certificate/card then you can find your remaining balance at the very bottom of it. If you have not made a purchase yet or do not have the most recent receipt, give one of our stores a call or ask an associate next time you stop in. We'll be more than happy to let you know!
9. In what condition will the pre-owned items I purchase arrive to me?
All pre-owned items are guaranteed to play/work/be readable and are 100% returnable if this is not the case (within return policy guidelines - see item 5 above). We sell items we consider to be in very good condition or better. Condition of packaging may vary.

You are purchasing the disc only. Any download codes that may have come with a new copy are not guaranteed. You might receive a working download code. If so, consider it an early birthday present from Bull Moose. Unfortunately, we have no way to verify that codes have not expired or been used by the previous owner.
10. I am a reseller or I want multiples copies of an item.
We are not a wholesaler and we don't handle shipments for third parties or provide bulk quantities. Too often this leads to price gouging and/or customer service problems. If you are buying extra copies of an item for friends and family, we suggest that you have them place their own order. This way we will know that you both are fans and nobody is trying to buy the copy you deserve. Orders for multiple copies of rare items often are delayed or cancelled. We are doing our best to offer low prices on rare items to true fans and collectors.
11. When will you charge my credit card?
We will charge your credit card right before your order ships.
12. I buy vinyl.
Colored vinyl - Despite what our site may say, colored vinyl is often limited to the initial pressing only. You very likely may receive black vinyl, especially if a title is more than a few months old. Why? Record companies rarely tell us when they revert to black vinyl.

Vinyl isn't perfect - Pristine covers are rare. So is perfectly flat vinyl. We will send you the best looking copy we have and deal with any issues you have. Please email us at  if you receive a record that is unsatisfactory.

Vinyl pre-orders: Our ability to fill pre-orders depends on record labels' ability to produce enough records to fill pre-orders. We do our best to fill all orders, but unfortunately, shortages and delays are common, especially with limited edition records. Orders for vinyl should not be considered "confirmed" until the record is safely spinning on your turntable. The sooner your order, the easier it is for us to get you the record you want.
13. How can I change my credit card?
If your original payment method has not yet been charged or declined and you would like to change the payment method associated with the order, please locate the order within your Orders page. Once it has been located you can tap the "Change Payment Method" button to apply a different saved payment option to the order. You must have the new payment method saved within the Payment Options page in order to apply it to the order.

If your payment method has been declined you will receive an email notifying you of this, as well as the steps needed to update the payment method. You will also have a payment error notice on your orders page which will bring you to any currently declined orders for you to update. If you are having difficulties updating your payment method, please contact us and we'll assist you through the process.
14. How can I cancel an order?
To cancel an item on your order, log into your account and locate the order within your Orders page. If you do not see the order, please adjust the filter on the upper right to an appropriate timeframe, as it defaults to the past 7 days of order history. If you have not been charged for the item you wish to cancel, a "cancel" button will be present. However, if you have already been charged for the item the button will no longer be available. In that instance, please contact us and we will do our best to catch the order before it is passed to USPS.

Please note that once you receive an email that we are preparing to ship the item we are not able to guarantee that it will be cancelled. If we are unable to cancel the item before it leaves our stores you may reject the package, or send it back with "return to sender" written on it, and we will issue a refund upon its return.

Real World store questions

1. I want to talk to you about something.
We want to hear from you. Find out how to reach us on our Contact Us page.
2. I would like to trade-in or sell some of my old media. How does that work?
We'd love to take a look at what you have, and it's a fairly easy process: just bring your personal collection down to your local Bull Moose for them to look through. Once they're done they'll offer you store credit or cash for the items that they're able to take. There is a bonus amount included with the credit, but we can also provide the base amount in cash or a check if preferred.

If you have a large collection we recommend calling the store you plan to bring them to ahead of time or preparing to wait a bit if they're especially busy at that time. You must be present to start the process, but you're more than welcome to head out if you have places to be. We'll give you a call as soon as it's finished.

For more information on Buybacks please visit our  Buybacks FAQ. 
3. Will you donate a gift certificate to my charity?
Each of our locations handle donation requests for their own particular region, so it's best to check with the manager of your closest location.
4. Will you sell my CD/book/DVD/free range duck eggs?
If you have a distributor, they probably already know how to contact us, so tell them to get on it! We have worked directly with thousands of New England musicians, authors, and filmmakers. Find out how we can add your stuff to our stores. If you sell other items similar to the ones we already sell in our stores, please use the 'CONTACT US' link at the bottom of the page and send us the details.