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Bull Moose Points

Bull Moose was one of the first companies to computerize a customer rewards card. Our points system works on and in all Bull Moose store locations. Points you earn in any store can be used online and vice versa.

How to earn points

You earn points every time you buy from us or sell us your unwanted music, movies, video games, toys, or books.

What can I do with points?

You can buy things for 50% off. The number of points you have determines the value of the items you can buy for 50% off. If you have one point, you can get a $1 item for 50 cents. If you have ten points, you can get a $10 item for $5. If you have 357.2 points, you can get up to $357.20 worth of items for 50% off.

Is that too much math? Don't worry. We will keep track of everything. We will even tell you which items qualify for a discount.

How to use points earned in the store on

We have to connect your online account to your retail store account. Please complete this form and we'll get you linked up!